I am a silversmith and jewellery artist that trained for three basic years and one in-depht year at Leksands Folkhögskola renowned throughout Sweden as one of the best silvesmith training facility. I have now opened my own workshop/shop here in Skellefteå

My inspiration comes from a variety of things; the detail from everyday life, a doodle, a line in a chair, architecture, a cut of a garrment, nature in its perfection and imperfection.

I like simplicity, preferrably with harmony and asymmetry. I also enjoy a mixture af materials and unexpekted meetings.

As a child I enjoyed origami and from this, the joy and beauty of transforming metals has developed.

Silversmith Åsa Rehnström
Neclace in sterling silver and paper
home workshop
contact, asa@raformochsilver.se